Highlights of my Instructional Design Work

Qualifications Summary

I have a true passion for creating videos and adding interactivity to every course developed. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience I can read through any content and visualize precisely what to create to engage the student in the learning process. Beginning at the technical writing stage to fully develop all aspects of the content, using a wide variety of authoring tools, media types, and design methodologies to create courses, design graphics, build multimedia, add animations, quizzes, and more.


22 years of experience with every aspect of creating adult training. Ability to present information in an engaging and memorable format to a specific audience.
  • Delivers the project on time
  • Strictly follows standards and branding
  • Proven QA/QC process
  • Unique design methods to keep the user engaged
  • Never a static minute
  • Consistent use of layout, buttons, graphics, and colors
  • Ensures training is easy to use, learn, and remember


Started creating training videos in 2003. Skilled in video and audio editing, splicing, trimming, and final production.
  • Unique ability to explain boring topics visually
  • Extremely fast video development
  • Attention to details
  • Write, develop, screencast, and edit app training videos
  • Ensure project schedules and deadlines are met
  • Animations and transitions used throughout

Desktop Publishing

Skilled in creating documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, Posters, Banners, Flyers, Bulletins, Menus, Catalogs, and Training Manuals.
  • Develop templates
  • Rebranding older material
  • Creative vision and ability to produce ideas
  • Focus on quality and consistency
  • Deep understanding of document creation, storage, and maintenance
  • Ability to use many applications to create the final product

Books Published

Manuscripts proofed and edited, formatted into the final layout for publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Experience in writing and publishing
  • Creative Cover art design
  • Understanding of the publishing requirements
  • Published books in other languages
  • Published printed books and Kindle Ebooks
  • Consultant for authors before and after publishing

Website & Blogs

Developed in WordPress or Dreamweaver. Ability to host, design, develop, and maintain.
  • Published first website in 1998
  • Certified Internet Web (CIW) Professional Certification
  • Able to obtain a domain name and host any website
  • Create a new site or revamp an old one
  • Create your vision and style
  • Created from a template or from scratch
  • All sites are device responsive

Medical Training

Over 40 years of experience in Medical applications training and software development training.
  • Doing Billing & Coding when ICD and CPT began
  • Piloted paper tasks converting to computer
  • Developed workflow processes for computing task
  • Taught Nurses and Doctors to use applications since 1997
  • Knowledge of a multitude of medical applications
  • Latest training created is on MEDITECH Expanse

LMS and Site Hosting

Publish content for different LMS or CMS platforms. Websites Hosting. Ability to install and host Moodle sites.
  • Worked with various LMS platforms
  • Installed and maintained several Moodle sites
  • Experienced with HealthStream courses and curriculum builds
  • Created a Canvas site with 15 IT certification courses
  • Understanding building courses from the backend to user-facing

Creative Design

From computer-generated graphics to digital animation, ideas are brought to life.
  • Using graphics, typography, and color to instill the message
  • If one application doesn’t work, try another
  • Knowledge of whose “style” the work should reflect
  • Critical thinker, able to find a way to meet the goal
  • Ability to work with a team or lead them
  • Ability to explain concepts visually

Computer Application Training

From Windows basics to Adobe Illustrator applications are mastered and then taught in days.
  • Super-fast at learning new software
  • Training created during software production
  • All levels created from tip sheets to interactive
  • Eleven IT Certifications, including MCSE
  • Manuals and online help
  • Step by Step labs
  • Explainer Videos

Forms and Charts

Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Interactive PDF, or Web-based forms and charts developed.
  • Any style of form for digital or printing
  • Excel sheets formatted with Pivot tables
  • Email template forms
  • PDF’s for gathering information
  • Chart of data or for presentations
  • Access database design

Newsletters and Sales Paper

Digital or printed weekly specials, church bulletins, calendars, news update reports, or monthly sales papers.
  • Layout of text and graphics
  • Develop for professional or home printing
  • Templates created for easy updates
  • Temples made in the tool of your choice
  • Flexible for updates
  • Color or B/W
  • Double sided, tri-fold, or multi-page layouts


Presenters PowerPoint to Kiosk style presentation development. Video demos, virtual tours, and slide shows.
  • Any style of PP, static text, or animations
  • Cohesive design
  • Animations and design used to focus attention
  • Master slides used for consistency
  • Standardized use of colors and styles
  • Created in PowerPoint or as video


Examples of the style of work I do


Storyline and Rise examples

The majority of the work I have done has been owned by the company I worked for. Therefore, I don’t have the right to show the content. The content below was created on my own time and is personally owned. 

Storyline Course Examples

Train the Trainer: Link 

Study of the book of Roman Lesson 1: Link

Study of the book of Roman Lesson 2: Link

Rise Course Examples

Into His Marvelous Light: Link

Exploring God’s Word: Link

History of Jesus Chapter 1: Link

For video examples see my YouTube channels. 

  1. @cvalesa.com 

  2. @BibleStudy2Go
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