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How to make a Storyboard in PowerPoint

Use the Master Slide to create reusable section to make a standard storyboard to use on every style of course. Once you have a blank template you can perfect your own style and add consistency to your process.

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Instructional Design

I started working as an Instructional Designer in 2003. I have worked in the fields of Education, Retail, IT support, Healthcare, and more.


Storyboarding is the backbone of any form of instruction or detailed presentation. Learn where to begin and how to make it work for you.

Audio Editing

This is a deep subject, but these articles teach the basics of how to record, edit, and export good quality audio.

Video Editing

How many devices do you have to create a video? Learn how to record, edit, cut, append, add flare to, and publish your videos.

Operating Systems

This includes Windows, iOS, and Android when used on a Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, or phone.

Office 365

Office 365 is an awesome product. Learn why you should upgrade or purchase the newest version of Office.

Photo Editing

Photo editing is accomplished in several ways, on many different devices. Learn the on-the-fly editors and how to do the detailed fancy stuff.

Layout and Design

This includes everything from flyers to tri-fold brochures. It also includes how to produce, print, copy, store, and publish them.

Tools of the Trade

What is the best software for editing or creating documents, video, audio, photos, e-Learning, webpages, blogs, operating systems, ... the list goes on and on. What is the best computer for working from home, for gaming, for surfing the web? Where should I buy my favorite IT toys?

Valesa Clouse

Hello, I am cValesa!

In 1995, while working in medical billing at Metro Bordeaux Hospital in Nashville, TN, my manager set a computer on my desk and told me the figure out how it worked. I love a challenge. For a good part of 30 years, I have been doing just that…figuring out how everything on a computer works. I never plan to stop. By 1997, I bought my first Gateway computer for $980.00. That was a huge discount at the time and one of the biggest investments I had ever made. For that time, the amount would be closer to $1,700 and that computer is considered worthless junk today.

More than 20 computers later I just purchased this HP ENVY Desktop from Best Buy. I doubled the memory, added 3 more terabyte hard drives, and an ASUS – NVIDIA GeForce video card to it. It is doing a great job keeping up with my high-end multitasking. While I spent $970 for this one that is a minor amount when you consider the high cost of the kind of computer, I need to do what I do.


HP ENVY Desktop Intel Core i7 16GB Memory 1TB SSD Black TE01-3254

I am here to help you

If you are stuck trying to do something on a computer, I can help you. If I don’t know the answer I know where to find it. That includes problems with the text, visuals, graphics, audio, video, computer software, or hardware.

I hold 11 IT certifications including a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I also have 30 years of experience learning different software, building computers, buying the best IT toys, and learning what you shouldn’t waste your money on.

I have worked for over 20 years as an Instructional Designer. I understand how to write, develop, teach, and publish adult education materials. I can teach you how to do technical writing. I am an expert at learning software fast and then writing training on it. The skill of writing training is a gift, but it can be taught. 

I was creating training videos before they were cool. Learn the best ways to create movement and add visual appeal to courses whether that is in huddle cards, infographics, video, interactive e-learning, or in-person presentations. Learning never ends, and it never should. You can only remain top of the line in your chosen field if you continue to master new software as it comes out. Instructional Design is a very large and growing field of work. You can train yourself, master the basics, and then do the job well. I did.

If it is on a screen…I can probably help you with it.

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