Enjoy traveling before you go!


Research It Fully

I love to travel!! However, I believe I enjoy my travel research just as much as I enjoy the trip itself. Lately, I have been obsessed with riding on an Amtrak train. Honestly, I haven’t researched a trip I would not enjoy. Thus, the beginning of this Blog. I decided to make note of all the research in an effort to help me decide which trips to make first. Then I thought others may benefit from the hours I spend looking for where to go and what to do. 

My current end goal is to travel from Newburn, Tennessee to Chicago on the City of New Orleans train. Then leave Chicago on the Empire Builder and travel to Seattle Washington. Next, I am planning a trip from Tennessee to Niagra Falls and then on to Portland, Maine. From there I want to tour all of Nova Scotia. When I am done with the US I plan to travel to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Then…who knows!

The Travel BloG

I am an Instructional Designer and a teacher at heart. I won’t just be sharing my research, I will also be teaching others how to do their own.